Sanders Backs Biden for 2024 Despite Policy Disagreements

Senator Bernie Sanders has publicly acknowledged that President Joe Biden may not be the most popular choice among voters. Despite this, he emphasized the importance of supporting Biden in his efforts against former President Donald Trump. Sanders expressed his frustrations with the political system and highlighted the critical nature of the upcoming 2024 election, comparing it to pivotal moments in American history such as the Civil War, the Great Depression, and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In an op-ed for the Guardian, Sanders outlined his concerns about Biden’s policies and acknowledged that many progressives, including himself, strongly disagree with Biden’s approach to issues like Israel and the conflict in Gaza. However, Sanders urged the importance of recognizing that Biden is not running against a perfect candidate, but rather against Donald Trump, whom he described as the most dangerous president in American history. 


Sanders juxtaposed Biden and Trump on various issues, including wealth inequality, abortion, unions, climate change, student debt, democracy, and the conflict in Gaza. He offered limited praise for Biden’s position on the conflict, while highlighting what he perceived as Trump’s more problematic stance. Sanders also pointed out that Biden had restricted some powerful bombs from going to Israel and had been critical of Netanyahu, while alleging that Trump and the Republican party were fully supportive of actions leading to destruction in the region.

Regarding Biden’s recent vow to pause certain weapon shipments to Israel, including large bombs, the administration clarified that Israel had not yet crossed a red line that would necessitate such a move. The administration also announced approval for a significant weapon shipment to Israel, including tank ammunition, tactical vehicles, and mortar rounds.

Despite his objections to many of Biden’s policies, Sanders has been an open supporter of the president since losing to him in the 2020 Democratic primary. He argued for the importance of backing Biden in his reelection bid, particularly in light of the perceived threat posed by a potential second term for Donald Trump.

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