Scandal Unveiled: FBI, DHS Accused of Jan 6 Intel-Withholding by Ex-Capitol Chief

In an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson, Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund dropped a bombshell: the FBI, DHS, and other federal law enforcement agencies deliberately withheld critical intelligence that could have prevented the events of January 6th. Sund described his frustration with the lack of information leading up to that fateful day, suggesting that there was a cover-up at play.

Sund’s interview with Carlson was initially scheduled to air on Fox News, but he was fired before it could be broadcast. Luckily, previously unreleased clips from the interview were leaked by the National Pulse. In these clips, Sund revealed the series of meetings he had with federal law enforcement agencies, the national guard, and other authorities in the weeks prior to the protest. Despite these conversations, he was never informed about any potential storming of the Capitol.

The Capitol police have their own intelligence agency, known as the IICD, which coordinates with other agencies. According to Sund, the IICD determined that the rally on January 6th would be no different from previous MAGA rallies. He pointed out a peaceful protest that had taken place just weeks earlier. However, the intelligence that is now known to exist, indicating an attack on the Capitol and the targeting of police officers and members of Congress, was not shared with the Capitol police.

Sund confirmed that the FBI, DHS, and even the military possessed this information but failed to pass it along to the Capitol police. Carlson expressed his astonishment at this revelation, noting that Sund was in charge of the very facility that was the focus of the protest. Sund then added that there have been multiple Congressional reports and Inspector General reports that address the intelligence failure surrounding January 6th. He also highlighted the fact that the FBI’s Washington field office did not release any specific documents regarding the event.

This revelation raises serious questions about the actions of federal law enforcement agencies in the lead-up to January 6th. The apparent withholding of crucial intelligence indicates a failure on their part, and it is essential that we hold those responsible accountable. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their government, and it is imperative that we uncover the truth behind this troubling episode in our nation’s history.

Written by Staff Reports

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