Shock: Ex-Democrat Magician Busted for Election Fraud!

In a shocking turn of events, Craig Callaway, a former city councilor and self-proclaimed magical election influencer, has been arrested for his involvement in a massive abuse of New Jersey absentee ballot laws. This Atlantic City Democrat has allegedly used his organizational skills to manipulate close elections, leaving voters and officials concerned about the integrity of our democratic process.

Callaway, 64, was apprehended last week on charges of election fraud related to the misuse of absentee ballots. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for New Jersey has accused him of attempting to deceive and defraud the residents of the state by fraudulently procuring, casting, and tabulating ballots. This brazen attempt to undermine the electoral process is an affront to our democracy.

As conservatives, we understand the importance of free and fair elections. It is disheartening to see individuals like Callaway try to subvert the will of the people for their own gain. Voter fraud, at any level, erodes the faith we have in our system and makes it impossible for us, as American citizens, to hold our government accountable.

Thankfully, law enforcement agencies have taken swift action to bring these criminals to justice. The FBI, alongside other law enforcement partners, is committed to protecting the electoral process and ensuring that those who break the law face the consequences of their actions. We commend their efforts to uphold the integrity of our elections.

The details surrounding Callaway’s alleged criminal activity are both alarming and disturbing. According to prosecutors, he paid organizers to act as intermediaries, helping voters complete their absentee ballot applications. These individuals then handed over the blank absentee ballots to Callaway and his deputies. Shockingly, many affected voters claim they never authorized such assistance and even abstained from voting in the election in question. It is evident that Callaway’s scheme had a direct impact on the outcomes of these close elections.

Furthermore, it is troubling to note that Callaway has a history of legal troubles. He has previously served 40 months in prison for accepting bribes while serving as an Atlantic City councilor. Reports indicate that during that time, he orchestrated a prostitution bribery scheme against a fellow city councilor. Such behavior is not only morally reprehensible but also casts a dark shadow over his credibility and trustworthiness as an individual involved in our political system.

This incident is not isolated. Just last December, a Democratic city councilor in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Fidelina Santiago, was charged with raiding voters’ mailboxes in search of blank mail-in ballots. These instances of election fraud highlight the importance of increased safeguarding measures to protect the integrity of our elections.


Written by Staff Reports

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