Shocking Leaked Photos Reveal Grim Reality for J6 Detainee!

Leaked photos have exposed the shocking treatment of January 6 prisoner, Ryan Samsel, who has been held without trial for far too long. The conditions he has been forced to endure at the FDC in Philadelphia are nothing short of disgraceful. The exclusive images obtained by The Gateway Pundit reveal a cell so small it’s practically a walk-in closet. There is a constant, blinding light that never turns off, a flimsy blue mattress on the floor, and no sheets, blankets, or clothing in sight. Samsel was trapped in this inhumane space for a grueling five months. That’s longer than most people’s summer vacations!

But don’t worry, folks, these poor conditions were not due to negligence – they were intentional! According to Samsel, the judge actually knew about his situation and was trying to reach out to him because he wasn’t in his assigned cell. Can you believe it? The system was so messed up that they couldn’t even keep track of their own prisoners! It’s a wonder they don’t misplace their socks every morning.

And the mistreatment didn’t stop there. Samsel also endured similar conditions in Virginia at the Central Regional Virginia Jail. They had the audacity to call it a “booking hard cell,” but let’s be real, it was just another excuse to strip away his basic human rights. No phone, no commissary, no clothing – all because they were worried about self-harm. But what about the harm they were causing him by subjecting him to these torturous conditions? It’s a classic case of the left caring more about potential harm to the individual than the actual harm they’re inflicting.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) hit the nail on the head with her comment on X (formerly Twitter). This is a clear violation of human rights, and it’s happening right here in America. When will liberals wake up and realize that political persecution has no place in our country? It’s time for everyone to come together and put an end to this abuse. Justice must prevail, and those responsible for this cruel treatment must be held accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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Leaked Photos Expose Shocking Abuse of Jan 6 Prisoner: Samsel’s Living Nightmare

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