Skipping Through Liberals’ Nightmare: Gadsden Flags & Whiteboards Debrief in RedState!

First up, we have the inspiring story of the Gadsden Flag Kid who just secured a total victory! This kid, Jaiden, had the audacity to wear a Gadsden patch on his backpack, and the school administrators canceled back-to-school night because they were scared! But guess what? The school board realized they were overreacting and held an emergency meeting where they affirmed their respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They even admitted that the Gadsden patch is a valuable part of American history. Now Jaiden can proudly keep it on his backpack. Talk about a win for freedom!

Next, we dive into the disturbing tale of a child questioning their “transition” and crying during surgery. It seems like this child, Josie, was carrying the burden of their parents’ decisions. It’s questionable whether Josie’s dad was fully on board with the whole situation. And guess what? Just a few weeks shy of Josie’s 11th birthday, she suddenly decides she still wants to be a girl. How convenient! It’s almost like there’s some manipulation going on. As Josie starts hormone blockers, it’s clear she might not fully understand the ramifications of her choices. Let’s hope she gets some real guidance before it’s too late.

Moving on, we have an exciting update on the Gadsden Kid! Jaiden is not backing down in the face of adversity. He’s determined to walk back into school with his patch still displayed proudly on his backpack. And if they try to take it away, Jaiden is ready to conduct a school sit-in. Good for him! Two law firms have offered to help Jaiden and his family fight against this discrimination, and even Colorado Governor Jared Polis seems to be on his side. Let’s hope justice prevails and Jaiden’s rights are upheld!

Now, let’s switch gears to a comical moment featuring President Biden. Apparently, his supporters think the problem isn’t Biden himself, it’s just his messaging. How delusional! They sent Biden out with a whiteboard to explain his so-called “Bidenomics” to the American people. But instead of delivering a clear and coherent message, Biden slurred his words and checked boxes on the whiteboard like a confused schoolchild. It’s no wonder his policies are hurting our wallets. We can’t wait for the day when Bidenomics is nothing but a bad memory.

Lastly, we have a story of climate activists blocking the road to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. These activists thought they could disrupt the festival and push their agenda, but they quickly realized that Nevada Rangers don’t play around. Festivalgoers and regular people who just wanted to get through were not happy. Some of them even got out of their cars and started removing the blockade set up by the protesters. One of the protesters had the audacity to claim that their life was at risk, but they were the ones who chained themselves to the barricade! The drivers saw right through their nonsense and called them out for their “dumb a** move.” It’s about time these activists learn that their disruptive tactics won’t win over the public.

That wraps up this week’s RedState Weekly Briefing! Stay tuned for next week’s edition, where we’ll bring you more of the stories you won’t find in the mainstream media. Keep fighting the good fight, conservatives!

Written by Staff Reports

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