Supreme Court to Review Biden Ghost Gun Rule

The Supreme Court has decided to review a case regarding the Biden administration’s rule on “ghost guns,” which classifies gun parts kits as regular firearms. This rule, known as the ATF “Frame or Receiver” rule, broadens the definition of firearms to cover kits that can easily be turned into working guns.

Conservative groups, including the Firearms Policy Coalition, have been critical of President Biden’s rule, calling it unconstitutional and overreaching. They are pleased that the Supreme Court will be taking up the case, hoping for a ruling that aligns with their belief that the rule goes beyond legal limits.

In response to emergency appeals, the Supreme Court had previously upheld the rule, which had been halted by lower courts. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had sided with firearm owners and manufacturers who opposed the rule, arguing that it exceeded the ATF’s authority and ignored established laws.

The Solicitor General, on the other hand, has warned that striking down the rule could lead to a surge in untraceable guns in communities, posing a threat to public safety and making it harder for law enforcement to solve crimes involving these weapons. Despite these concerns, conservative voices continue to push for a Supreme Court decision that invalidates the rule.


Written by Staff Reports

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