Ted Cruz DEMANDS Justice For American Chinese Prisoner

As the Chinese Communist Party continues to hold Americans hostage, Texans are calling on Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, to help free Mark Swidan.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, is in China this weekend. As he travels there, Texans are making a clear message about how they want to save the American people.

According to reports, some state legislators in Texas are pushing for the release of a Houston businessman who has been imprisoned in China.

During a speech on the Senate floor, Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, called on China's Communist Party to immediately release Mark Swidan.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, is scheduled to visit China this weekend.

In response to Blinken's visit to China, Cruz released a statement saying that Mark's situation should come to an end. He noted that Secretary Blinken's upcoming trip to China should be the last chapter in this tragic saga.

Mark Swidan was arrested in China in 2012. He has been in prison for over three years.

Ten years have passed since Mark was arrested in China on drug charges. There's a chance he could die if he's not released.

During his trip to China in 2012, Mark was accused of selling drugs. His arrest and detention have caused him to lose his freedom, as well as his fiancée.

According to Katherine, Mark has never confessed during his imprisonment. He reportedly suffered from starvation and torture.

Mark was sentenced to death by a Chinese court. However, his execution has been delayed.

In an emotional statement, Katherine said that she cannot die without seeing her son again. She added that if he were to come back, she would want him to know that she did everything that she could do for him.

The people of Texas are outraged by the continued detention and arrest of Mark Swidan. They are calling on Blinken to do everything in his power to ensure that he is released. It is unacceptable for any country to hold an American citizen hostage, let alone one who has not been charged with a crime. It is time for China to free Mark and allow him to return home.

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