Ted Cruz Exposes Woke ‘Pandemic’ Eroding America’s Soul

In a fiery interview with Fox News, Senator Ted Cruz let the woke warriors have it, comparing universities to the infamous Wuhan lab where the Covid-19 virus supposedly originated. The Texas senator claimed that Marxist ideologies have infiltrated and taken over our beloved institutions, starting with those “indoctrination stations” called colleges.

Cruz, who recently released his book “Unwoke,” didn’t hold back as he outlined how the radical Left has allegedly hijacked major institutions across America. According to the senator, it all began with universities, then spread like a bad case of cooties to K-12 education, journalism, government, big business, Big Tech, entertainment, and even science. He didn’t forget to point fingers at China, painting the country as a vital player in this woke debacle.

In one of the most riveting parts of the interview, Cruz talked about the power of parents in reclaiming their local school boards. He highlighted the heroic efforts of parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, who fought against progressive policies that were turning their kids’ education into a far-left circus. With the recent election of a brand-new school board, it seems like Cruz’s battle cry for parents to take a stand is hitting home, bringing hope to the fight against woke indoctrination in schools.

But the fun didn’t stop there. The senator dropped a bombshell, revealing his intention to run for president again in the future. He decided to hold off on a 2024 run, believing that he could make a bigger impact tearing into the woke mob from his Senate battleground. Looks like the woke warriors should start shaking in their Birkenstocks because Cruz isn’t backing down anytime soon.

With Cruz leading the charge against the woke virus, it’s clear that the fight is far from over. Stay tuned for more bold declarations and spicy rhetoric as the conservative firebrand continues to take on the radicals.

Written by Staff Reports

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