Ted Cruz Foresees Terror Threat Amplified by Biden’s Loose Border Controls!

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, has issued a dire warning, asserting that the United States currently faces a heightened risk of a major terrorist attack, surpassing any period since September 11, 2001. Cruz delivered his message through his podcast, "Verdict with Ted Cruz," where he shed light on a series of factors that have left the U.S. in a precarious state. He specifically pointed to the recent terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel and President Joe Biden's more permissive border policies as potential causes for concern.

Cruz underscored that the ongoing conflict in Israel represents the most significant war and assault on the nation in the last half-century. Furthermore, he expressed apprehension about the porous southern border, which has enabled approximately 7.6 million individuals to unlawfully enter the country, including those on the terrorism watchlist. Cruz suggested that a substantial number of Middle Eastern terrorists may have already infiltrated the country over the past 2.5 years.

Recent reports have revealed that customs and border officials have detained individuals from Lebanon and Syria at the southern Texas border. In fiscal year 2023, a record 151 illegal immigrants on the FBI's terrorism watchlist were apprehended, which raises serious concerns. Cruz further expressed worry about the watchlist individuals who managed to evade capture, as they may pose significant threats, including convicted murderers, rapists, gang members, and terrorists.

Cruz castigated the Biden administration, alleging that they failed to learn from the lessons of 9/11 and have contributed to conditions that could lead to another attack. He also drew attention to a recent threat assessment report from the Department of Homeland Security, which cautioned that terrorists and criminal elements might exploit the current security environment to enter the U.S. The report particularly identified Iran as the primary sponsor of terrorism and expressed fears about individuals with terrorist connections attempting to enter the country.

In response to this situation, Cruz introduced the Secure the Border Act in the Senate, a companion piece of legislation to the House bill. If enacted, this legislation would resume border wall construction, heighten asylum standards, and augment the number of border patrol agents. Cruz emphasized the need for a substantial solution to address the border crisis, rather than superficial measures. Notably, the bill has garnered support from 30 co-sponsors in the Senate.

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