Tim Ryan Warns Biden May Face Democratic Revolt Ahead of Elections

Tim Ryan, former Democratic Representative from Ohio, is sounding the alarm bell for President Joe Biden, suggesting that Biden’s fragile standing at the top of the Democratic ticket could push more House Democrats to demand he step aside. Ryan, who found himself unsuccessful in his 2022 Senate run, openly voiced these concerns during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Ryan quickly established himself as one of the initial high-profile Democrats urging Biden to bow out of the campaign, painting a grim picture of increasing public appeals for the president’s withdrawal from other party members. As he sees it, a number of rank-and-file members of Congress are ready to jump ship, especially following the footsteps of Rep. Angie Craig from Minnesota – a swing district now up for grabs. Ryan hinted that the pressure cooker will only intensify this week as more members of Congress return to the fray. Nobody in the Democratic camp seems eager to run under a Biden ticket that might pull them down with the sinking ship.

Ryan’s implications are a dire warning for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. While Jeffries might be touted as an impressive leader, the mounting concerns among his members, donors, and activists could spell trouble. Ryan confidently predicted that this wave of dissent isn’t about to subside anytime soon. Instead, it might gain momentum and leave the Democratic leadership in a tight spot, juggling internal dissatisfaction and public scrutiny.

Already, five House Democrats have broken ranks and called for Biden to step aside – Rep. Angie Craig being among them. The root of their concern? Biden’s disastrous debate performance last month. It’s not just political missteps but fears over his age and mental sharpness that are giving Democrats cold sweats. They’ve seen enough to believe that Biden might not be up for the brutal fight against former President Donald Trump. 


Meanwhile, over in the Senate, rumors are flying that Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia is quietly marshaling support among Senate Democrats to coax Biden out of the race. Though no senator has publicly dared to voice such thoughts as of this past Sunday, the whispers of a mutiny are growing louder.

Biden, for his part, remains steadfast – or perhaps stubbornly detached from reality – in his determination to stay in the race until the very end. While the Democratic Party frets and fragments, Biden is seemingly unfazed, content to charge forward despite the growing calls for him to step down.

Written by Staff Reports

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