Time Magazine RIPPED For Calling Exercise Racist

One of the most common New Year's resolutions is to get fit. However, after a Time magazine article claimed that exercising is racist, some people on Twitter have criticized the publication.

The article was about a book by Natalia Petrzela, entitled Fit Nation. She claimed that exercise is linked to white supremacy. In the interview, she talked about how the movement has been seen as a way to reinforce racial stereotypes. According to her, racists thought that white women should start training for more white babies. The article also claimed that the exercise craze has been mainly geared toward women.

On Twitter, fitness influencers, athletes, and doctors criticized the magazine for trying to connect exercise to various issues, such as racism and AIDS.
A doctor noted that these types of articles were damaging to America's trust. He said that the Time magazine article made it look like the media was biased. The press also wondered why the public's trust in the news had gone down.

One individual noted that Time magazine promotes 15 minutes of white superiority every week, with two articles in just 24 hours. They claimed that exercise could be linked to a longer lifespan and white supremacy.

A former heavyweight boxer and athlete named Ed Latimore noted that first math was a tool used by white supremacy, and now, exercise is being used to continue racial oppression. Others said that the article was trying to steal content from a satirical news site called Babylon Bee.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

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