Tlaib Tells Dems: Ditch Biden in Primary for Gaza’s Sake!

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan is making some headlines for urging her fellow Democrats not to vote for President Joe Biden in the upcoming Michigan presidential primary. She’s really stirring the pot, telling everyone to vote “uncommitted” on their ballots instead of throwing their support behind ol’ Joe. What’s got her all riled up, you ask? Well, it seems she’s not too happy with President Biden’s policies regarding Israel and Gaza.

In a video she posted on social media, Tlaib was standing right outside an early voting facility in Dearborn, Michigan, the city with the highest Muslim population in the U.S. She’s all about creating a “voting bloc” to make a loud and clear statement that “enough is enough.” She’s at her soapbox, preaching that we shouldn’t be supporting wars, bombs, and destruction, but instead be standing up for the lives lost in Gaza. She wants to make sure the government doesn’t ignore their voices. If you ask Tlaib, she’ll tell you, “Come here and vote uncommitted” if you want to turn up the volume on their demands.

Now, this whole fiasco’s part of this Listen to Michigan campaign, run by Tlaib’s own sister, Layla Elabed, who’s making the rounds telling news outlets about the 150,000 calls they’ve logged in just the first week alone. They’re hoping that if a heap of voters cast protest votes, it’ll grab ol’ Biden’s attention and even cause some changes in U.S. foreign policy on that whole Israel and Gaza sitch. Talk about a big, noisy, attention-grabbing protest!

But hold on a sec. Tlaib’s not the only one throwing shade at Biden. Some folks in his own party are giving him the side-eye for not doing enough to assist Gaza in the war with Israel. They reckon he’s been too cozy with Tel Aviv and hasn’t pushed hard enough for a ceasefire.

Michigan’s a real hot potato in presidential elections, you know. Its 16 Electoral College votes helped President Trump secure a win in 2016, but Biden nabbed it in 2020. Now, with Biden gearing up for a rematch with Trump and wanting to lock in all the support he can get in Michigan, the Listen to Michigan campaign thinks their little plan might just work.

So, mark your calendars, because this Michigan presidential primary is going down on Feb. 27. And you better believe Tlaib’s making waves and stirring up trouble before the big day.

Written by Staff Reports

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