Trans Pronoun Row Bars Christian Couple From Fostering Child

In Massachusetts, Catherine and Michael Burke, who are Christians, sued the state after they were denied the chance to foster a child due to their religious beliefs. The DCF rejected their application because they would not use non-binary pronouns when referring to the child who is transgender.

When the couple was asked during the approval process if they would be okay with using specific pronouns for a foster child who identified as gay, Catherine Burke stated that she was hesitant to do so due to how it could be considered "chemical castration." The pair made it clear they would still love and respect the child and their wishes.

The Burkes were denied their application to adopt, which prompted them to file a lawsuit on the basis of their First Amendment rights. Their lawyer, Lori, stated that they would like to be allowed to adopt or foster children in the future, even in other states.

The case highlights the shortage of foster homes in the U.S., with around 400,000 children in need of a home. It occurred in Oregon, where a mother filed a lawsuit against the state after she was prevented from adopting her siblings due to her religious beliefs. In the state's adoption application, parents are required to acknowledge the child's gender identity, sexual orientation, and gender expression.

Written by Staff Reports

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