Trump Dominates Biden on Economy and Inflation Trust as 2024 Approaches

Donald Trump’s election to lose? That’s putting it mildly. After suffering through three years of economic hardship, international turmoil, and a president who seems increasingly out of touch, Americans are clamoring for genuine leadership. Joe Biden never had what it takes to be president, barely slipping into office thanks to some questionable changes made by Democratic secretaries of state—changes that courts later ruled were illegal. But the damage was done. Thanks for nothing, judicial system.

CNN’s Harry Enten delved into the key issues for American voters ahead of Thursday’s debate, and guess what? Trump is dominating Biden where it matters most. On the economy and inflation, Trump holds a significant lead, with Americans trusting him over Biden by double-digit margins—13 points for the economy and 18 for inflation. Biden’s only narrow lead is on the state of democracy, where he edges out Trump by a mere seven points. But honestly, this issue was barely a blip in past elections. Leave it to 2024 to make it a thing.

Historical data shows that since 1976, the candidate trusted more on the economy usually wins the presidency. Out of twelve elections, such candidates have won eight times. Trump was more trusted on the economy in 2020, but that election was marred by pandemic-related chaos, questionable mail-in ballots, and other shady practices conveniently ignored by the mainstream media. So much for media integrity in protecting American democracy.

Biden is now on precarious political footing. With the economy in shambles and no effective plan to fix it, his so-called accomplishments are looking more like failures. While he may have a slight edge on the democracy issue, a whopping 86 percent of Americans think he’s too old to run! Even some 2020 Biden voters are having second thoughts. The democracy issue seems like academic fluff crafted for the liberal elite, not something that’s going to sway votes.

Moreover, the Democrats have shot themselves in the foot by not addressing rising antisemitism within their ranks. What if Jewish voters decide they’ve had enough and pull their support? Even the Teamsters president, Sean O’Brien, is set to speak at the Republican Convention. The once-solid Obama coalition is falling apart. Biden can tout his record all he wants, but anyone with a bit of sense can see the wheels are coming off.

Written by Staff Reports

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