Trump Scorches Biden’s Stamina: “A Strong Wind Could Topple Him!”

In a fiery Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity, former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back in expressing his doubts about President Joe Biden’s physical and mental capabilities. “I personally don’t think he makes it, OK,” Trump stated, confidently questioning whether Biden could even remain the Democratic nominee in 2024. With a nod to Biden’s physical fitness, Trump quipped, “I think he’s in bad shape physically.”

The audience erupted with laughter as Trump wryly suggested he could physically topple Biden by blowing on him, referencing a past statement made by Biden about wanting to take Trump behind a barn. Trump called out the alleged double standard between himself and Biden, highlighting the disparity in public reaction to their respective remarks. Sardonically, he noted that if he had made the same comment, he would have been labeled a dictator.

Exuding no restraint, Trump boldly asserted his belief that Biden is unfit to lead the nation, claiming he lacked the mental and physical fortitude required for the job. “I personally don’t think he makes it physically,” Trump reiterated, underlining his doubts about Biden’s health. Furthermore, Trump painted a menacing picture of the individuals surrounding Biden in the Oval Office, labeling them as “evil people” and even going as far as to brand them as “communists.”


Written by Staff Reports

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