Trump STANDS UP For Mike Pence On Classified Documents

After a report was released about classified documents being found in Mike Pence's home, Donald Trump defended the former Indiana governor.

Mike Pence is an "innocent man," Donald Trump stated on his social media accounts. He did not commit any crimes in his life. Leave him alone.

Following a CNN report about the documents, Trump commented on the matter. According to the report, Pence's lawyer had found 12 highly classified documents at his home. The documents were then reportedly retrieved by the FBI.

According to CNN, the FBI and the NSA are reportedly looking into the documents. Their classification is not clear.

The allegations about the documents came after the discovery of classified materials at the home of Biden, as well as at his think tank in D.C. On January 12, Attorney General Garland appointed a special counsel to look into the matter.

The special counsel was appointed by Garland to look into the allegations regarding the documents found at Trump's Mar-a-lago estate. He is also investigating potential obstruction of justice related to the presidential election.

A spokesperson for Pence stated that he was not aware that he had any classified documents. He would cooperate with the authorities' inquiries. In November, he had denied having such documents.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on DAILY CALLER.

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