Trump Stuns Liberals, Crushing Biden in Key Demographics

Donald Trump's rise against Joe Biden, the incumbent Democratic president, has shocked George Stephanopoulos, the liberal anchor of ABC's This Week. He was stunned by how the former president was doing against the former vice president.

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile said that the Democratic Party faces the biggest challenge in the presidential race due to the disaffection of young voters, especially those from Latino and Black communities. Despite the baggage of Donald Trump, he still remains neck and neck with Joe Biden. Brazile believes that Biden’s campaign must do everything in its power to win back these voters.

Due to his lack of understanding of the situation, Tammy Bruce, a Fox News anchor, took a humorous shot at him. She noted that Stephanopoulos should have paid more attention to the polls that showed that Americans were dissatisfied with Biden's policies.

This is not the first time that Stephanopoulos has been surprised by the results of polls showing Trump leading over Biden. In May, he reported that Trump had a seven-point lead over the former vice president. He then challenged Republican candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to a debate over his proposal to pardon the businessman if he were to win the election.

Despite the biased rhetoric of Stephanopoulos, Ramaswamy still decided to vote for the candidate who can best represent the country. He believes that Kamala Harris and Biden are not capable of moving the country forward. He also stated that the America First campaign belongs to the people, regardless of who is running against Trump.

African-Americans are questioning Biden's ability to handle the demands of another term, citing his age and the fact that he's past his prime. This sentiment is shared by some of Biden's former supporters, such as Smith. The support of communities of color has started to decline as Trump has gained more support.

It's clear that the liberal media is starting to wake up to the fact that Trump and Biden are not the ideal candidate to lead the country. Americans are tired of Biden's policies and are looking for a leader who can make the country a better place.

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