Tucker HAMMERS Congress & Biden On Ukraine Aid


In response to President Joe Biden's statement about the situation in Ukraine, Tucker Carlson criticized Congress and the US government.

"According to Carlson, Ukraine's president, who was dressed like a strip club's manager, showed up at the White House and demanded money. No one kicked him out, and instead, Biden continued to give him whatever he asked for."

The promise made by Biden to Ukraine's president, Zelensky, was vague, Carlson noted. There was also no indication as to how long it would take.

"Zelensky reportedly demanded regime change in Russia, similar to what happened in Libya and Iraq."

"Every dollar that the US gives to Zelensky goes toward his demand for regime change."

If Zelensky were to win the election and oust Putin, what would happen to the situation in Russia?

In response, "Carlson asked who would be responsible for securing the world's biggest nuclear arsenal if Zelensky were to succeed Putin."

"The purpose of Biden's visit to Washington was to give the impression that the world was stable, while doing little to help the US, he noted. Instead, he focused on giving the money to a strip club manager in Ukraine."

The situation in Ukraine is "humiliating" for the US, Carlson noted.

The blame does not fall solely on Democrats and Biden, Carlson noted. Instead, it is also the fault of the uniparty, which he claimed is still alive despite the efforts of voters.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washinton Examiner.

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