WATCH: Pelosi’s Dramatic Escape: All for Show and Money on Jan 6?

New footage obtained by John Solomon of Just The News reveals the then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) well-calculated movements on January 6. The footage reveals that Nancy Pelosi, along with a number of staffers, passed through safe corridors while the so-called “attack” of January 6 (which Democrats have compared to Pearl Harbor and 9/11) was taking place. Alexandra Pelosi, an acclaimed documentary producer and also Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, was seen filming her mother’s dramatic exit from the scene.

Conservative Representative Claudia Tenney of New York, reacting to the footage has stated that Pelosi does whatever she wants. Tenney scoffs at the notion that Pelosi was ever threatened during that eventful day, noting that if she was so threatened, she wouldn’t allow her daughter to film her departure from the Capitol building. Tenney believes that everything that Nancy Pelosi does is meant to promote her image and power, as well as to help her political fundraising efforts.

Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene of Georgia has apparently uncovered a financial angle to the Capitol Hill riot. According to Taylor-Greene, Pelosi ignored requests for increased security and law enforcement during the January 6 mob, instead of using the situation for personal and political benefit. Taylor-Greene criticized Pelosi for filming her exit from the building to sell it later in a documentary – an act that proves her corrupt character.

In conclusion, the new footage of Pelosi’s exit from the Capitol building during the January 6 event confirms what we’ve known all along: Nancy Pelosi cares more about her image and political power than about the safety and security of the Capitol building itself. If anything, this footage provides further proof that Pelosi has played a significant role in the way the Capitol Hill event unraveled. It shows that her actions have been nothing but shallow attempts to increase fundraising and enrich her family, all under the guise of patriotism and security concerns. Finally, the American people must ultimately hold their representatives accountable for their actions, especially when those actions have proven to be detrimental to national interests and political democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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