WATCH: Tucker SHREDS Biden’s Hysteria

On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, the host of Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight," discussed the performance of the Biden administration regarding the Covid pandemic.

"During a segment on Wednesday, Carlson asked about the lack of people in Joe Biden's administration who are responsible for announcing good news."

According to Carlson, the Directorate of Hysteria is responsible for frightening Americans into submission. There is also no good news office in Biden's cabinet. He claims that the people in the administration never considered this.

According to Carlson, the Biden administration seemed to be a little sheepish after announcing the end of the COVID era. For three years, the US has been living in a state of emergency due to the pandemic.

Although the emergency may have ended for good or bad, Carlson noted that the situation will continue until May. This means that the Biden administration can continue to spend tax dollars on cargo planes for its donors in the health industry.

Carlson stated that the situation is over, calling it the "last gasps of the Rona scare."

During his speech in Springfield, Virginia, last week, Biden made a couple of strange statements.

During his speech, Biden criticized the president for adding more to the national debt in four years than any other president.

Biden also talked about a controversial remark he made in public, which led to questions about his mental competence.

"During his speech, Biden also talked about his remark about the lack of chairs during his earlier presidential campaign."

After talking about his controversial remark, Biden noted that people have said that he is not smart. He then went on to look for a Congressman with the first name that he could not remember.

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