WH Spox: Republicans Are Responsible For The Border Crisis

The Biden White House blamed congressional Republicans for the situation at the southern border on Tuesday.

The Washington Examiner reported that the White House's press secretary, Jean-Pierre, stated that the administration would maintain a secure and orderly border in the event that Title 42's policy is eventually ended. She also noted that the Trump administration would look into expanding legal immigration pathways.

In response to a question, Jean-Pierre stated that Title 42 is not an enforcement measure but a public health measure that should not be extended. She also called on Congress to pass comprehensive reforms to fix the immigration system.

Jean-Pierre stated that the executive order would give Congress time to move past their political differences and come up with a comprehensive solution to the border issue. She also urged Democrats and Republicans to work together to deliver on the requested funds for border security.

As the country awaits the fate of the public health policy known as Title 42, which was implemented by Donald Trump in 2020, she stated that the president would not be able to extend it. The policy was established to prevent the spread of diseases, such as the coronavirus pandemic, by reducing both illegal and legal immigration. It was an overwhelming success, and after becoming the new president, Joe Biden vowed to undo it.

After the deadline for Title 42's expiration passed, the Supreme Court allowed the policy to continue operating while a coalition of states made its case for its preservation. As a result, thousands of illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the southern border. This situation is expected to worsen as the end of the policy puts more pressure on the already strained immigration system.

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