White House finally condemns outrageous Anti-Israel Vandalism!

President Joe Biden’s stance on the recent anti-Israel vandalism at the White House is clear – he does not think it is appropriate. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made this statement in response to a question from reporters. While Biden does not condone the protests, he deferred further questions about the way the protest was handled to the Secret Service and Park Police. As a conservative writer, it is disappointing to see such blatant disrespect for our ally, Israel. These anti-Israel protests only serve to further divide our country and undermine the strong relationship we have with Israel. It is important for the Biden administration to condemn these actions and take steps to ensure they do not happen again.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre avoided answering questions about people tearing down posters of Israeli hostages held by Hamas during protests. As a conservative reporter, it is frustrating to see the administration dodge these questions, as it is clear that these actions are not peaceful protests. The White House should be honest and forthright about the true nature of these demonstrations. It is concerning that senior administration officials are aware of reports of violence and threats during these protests. The safety and security of American citizens and our allies, like Israel, should be a top priority for the Biden administration. It is essential that they take swift and decisive action to address these concerns.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby also made a statement acknowledging the suffering caused by the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. While it is important to recognize the pain and loss on all sides, it is also crucial to stand firmly with our ally, Israel. The terrorist attack by Hamas cannot be justified, and it is important for the Biden administration to condemn their actions unequivocally. As a conservative writer, it is disheartening to see any hesitation in supporting our ally and condemning acts of terrorism. Our relationship with Israel must remain strong, and we must continue to work together to combat terrorism and promote peace in the Middle East.

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