Abbott Rejects NYC Shelter Stunt, Blames Biden for Migrant Crisis

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has rejected an invitation from New York City Mayor Eric Adams to spend a night in a shelter for illegal immigrants, dismissing it as a "gimmick." During an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, Abbott emphasized that there are urgent issues in New York City that demand attention, such as the safety of law enforcement officers who are being targeted by repeat offenders, and the imperative to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.

Adams extended the invitation in response to Abbott's visit to New York for a fundraiser, suggesting that he should experience the conditions in the shelters firsthand. However, Abbott declined, asserting his focus on addressing the tangible challenges facing New Yorkers.

Furthermore, attention has been drawn to President Biden's role in the immigration crisis. The Biden administration has been quietly transporting hundreds of thousands of "inadmissible aliens" into the U.S., as revealed by the Center for Immigration Studies. Abbott stresses that he is not to blame for the surge of illegal immigrants into cities; rather, it is the Biden administration that bears responsibility for the situation.

Congressman Lance Gooden highlighted the concerning lack of transparency surrounding the transportation of 320,000 illegal aliens into the United States from foreign airports in 2023. The undisclosed destinations of these individuals raise alarms about the need for transparency and accountability in the administration's immigration policies. It is imperative for the Biden administration to provide clarity and address the consequences of its immigration strategies.

Written by Staff Reports

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