Anti-Woke Country Anthem Rattles the Charts!

It’s a country music showdown, folks! As Jason Aldean’s rebellious hit, “Try That In A Small Town,” continues to rock the charts despite left-wing criticism, another anti-woke anthem is rising to the top. Austin Moody, a Nashville-based artist, is making waves with his song, “I’m Just Sayin’.” This catchy tune takes aim at radical views on crime, gender, and college brainwashing.

Currently sitting pretty at number seven on iTunes’ top 40 country chart, “I’m Just Sayin'” is saying what many people are thinking but might be too afraid to say. Moody’s chorus hits hard with the lines, “I’m just sayin’, have we all lost our minds?” He’s striking a nerve with folks who feel pressured to tow the line in the face of powerful institutions and groups.

Breitbart News spoke with Moody, who expressed his astonishment at the song’s response. He sees it as a sign that America still has a strong moral compass and believes that honesty and freedom go hand in hand. It takes courage to speak your mind, even if it comes at a cost. And let’s be honest, it’s refreshing to see someone tackle the ridiculousness of woke ideology head-on.

Moody’s inspiration for “I’m Just Sayin'” comes from his concern about the creeping influence of woke culture in country music. His fears were confirmed when Country Music TV (CMT) decided to remove Jason Aldean’s viral music video from their lineup shortly after Moody’s interview. It seems the industry is trying to silence anyone who doesn’t toe the liberal line.

The birth of Moody’s daughter was another catalyst for the song’s creation. He recognizes that the battle against woke madness isn’t just about politics but also about protecting our children from the darkness of liberal-run America. Moody wants his daughter to grow up in a country that values individualism and liberty.

With over 158,000 views on YouTube and 30,000 plays on Spotify, “I’m Just Sayin'” is resonating with listeners far and wide. To top it off, Moody has announced his “I’m Just Sayin'” tour, which will kick off this fall. He’s eager to hit the road and connect with his fans, starting in the Midwest and making his way down to Florida.

Let’s give it up for Austin Moody, the country rebel fighting against the woke mob with his powerful music. It’s about time someone said what needed to be said. Keep speaking your mind and inspiring others, Moody! America needs more artists like you.

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