Appeals Court Slams Biden! First Amendment Breached by Social Media Gag

The Biden administration has once again been caught trying to stifle free speech, this time by pressuring social media platforms to censor posts about elections and COVID-19. But don’t worry, because a federal appeals court has stepped in to put a stop to this unconstitutional behavior.

The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, made up of two judges nominated by President George W. Bush and one nominated by President Donald Trump, ruled that the White House, the FBI, and the CDC cannot “coerce” social media platforms into removing content they deem as misinformation. Finally, someone is standing up for our First Amendment rights!

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration would try to silence any speech that goes against their narrative. They don’t want the truth to get out about elections or the pandemic because it doesn’t fit their agenda. But luckily, the court saw through their lies and put an end to their censorship.

This ruling is a massive victory for free speech and a blow to the Biden administration’s attempts to control the narrative. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry summed it up perfectly when he called it a “win against censorship, totalitarianism, and Biden.” We must continue to fight for our First Amendment rights and make sure the government knows that they cannot trample on our freedoms.

So congratulations to the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding our Constitution and putting a stop to the Biden administration’s censorship. Let this ruling serve as a reminder that our First Amendment rights are not up for debate and that we will always fight against those who try to silence us.

Written by Staff Reports

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