Biden 2024 Shaky? Raskin Balks at Backing Harris as Best VP Choice!

Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland was evasive when asked whether he believed Vice President Kamala Harris is the best choice for President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2024. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had previously stated that Biden believed Harris was the best option, but Raskin was reluctant to give his own opinion.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Raskin was pressed on his thoughts about Pelosi’s comment and on Harris as Biden’s running mate. He initially defended Pelosi’s answer, saying there was nothing wrong with it. However, Tapper pointed out that he was avoiding the question, and Raskin finally conceded that Harris was an excellent choice. He blamed the Republicans and the media for trying to create chaos in presidential politics.

As a conservative Republican news writer, it’s disappointing to see a Democratic congressman skirting around a straightforward question. It’s clear that Raskin was uncomfortable giving his opinion on Harris as Biden’s running mate, likely because he knows that many Americans are not enthusiastic about her. This was evidenced by the CBS News/YouGov poll, which showed that only 30% of Democratic voters are enthusiastic about Harris as a running mate. It’s no surprise that Raskin wanted to avoid the topic.

It’s important for politicians to be honest and transparent with the American people, even if it means giving an answer that may not be popular within their own party. By dodging the question, Raskin is further contributing to the divide and lack of trust in our political system. We need leaders who are willing to stand up for what they believe in, even if it’s not the politically convenient thing to do.

Written by Staff Reports

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