Biden Admin Under Siege – Iranian Sleeper Agents Inside?

President Biden’s special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, is facing new questions as reports have surfaced suggesting that his senior aides and other Americans may be tied to Iranian efforts to manipulate global perception of Tehran. The Iran Experts Initiative (IEI), launched in 2014, appears to have been successful in its influence operation through the Biden administration. Iranian officials were able to access Washington and Europe’s policy circles, including during the final years of the Obama administration.

These communications reveal that some individuals on the Foreign Ministry’s list became top aides to Robert Malley. The IEI participants were active in writing op-eds and providing insights on television and Twitter, consistently advocating for compromise with Iran on the nuclear issue. Ariane Tabatabai, a current Pentagon official, demonstrated a close relationship with Iranians, even seeking their opinion before attending policy events. This raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and a lack of objectivity in her role.

Ali Vaez, another participant in the IEI, submitted an article on defusing the nuclear crisis to Iranian officials before its publication. The article was shared with Foreign Minister Zarif and published in the National Interest with only minor wording changes. This suggests a level of coordination between the IEI and Iranian officials to shape the narrative in their favor.

These revelations of Iranian influence operations are cause for immediate investigation by Congress. It is crucial to determine the extent of this infiltration and ensure that our national security is not compromised. The Biden administration must address these concerns and take appropriate action to protect our interests. We cannot allow our enemies to manipulate important issues like the Iran nuclear deal.

Written by Staff Reports

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