Michelle Obama Banks $750K for Preaching Inclusivity, Diversity

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently gave a one-hour speech in Munich, Germany, where she raked in a whopping $741,000. Can you believe it? And what was the topic of this speech? You guessed it, “inclusivity and diversity.” It seems like Mrs. Obama just can’t get enough of pushing her agenda.

Now, it’s no secret that the Obamas are rolling in dough. Reports estimate their net worth to be at least $70 million, while some say it’s even higher at $135 million. We don’t begrudge them their wealth, but it does make you wonder how much they’re actually contributing to society.

But let’s not forget Senator Ted Cruz’s prediction for the 2024 presidential race. He believes that the Democrats will swoop in and replace Joe Biden with none other than Michelle Obama. Now, personally, I don’t think she would give up her luxurious lifestyle for the stress and pressure of being president. Plus, with Barack still pulling the strings behind the scenes, they can have their cake and eat it too.

All in all, it seems like Michelle Obama is living the good life, making tons of money for just talking about inclusivity and diversity. Can you blame her? If someone is willing to pay her nearly three-quarters of a million dollars for one hour of talking, why not take it? But let’s not forget about the little people and how the Obamas could use their wealth to give back. Perhaps they could start in Chicago’s crime-ridden South Side, where they used to call home.

In the end, it’s a good gig for the Obamas. They get to enjoy their life of luxury while raking in the cash. We can’t fault them for that. But it does make you think about the state of our country when someone can make that much money just for talking.

Written by Staff Reports

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