Biden Backs Israel’s Iron Fist: Self-Defense Victory!

There was a lot of talk about the "right to self-defense" when President Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This showed that he stood with Israel. His office told people about the call on X, which used to be known as Twitter.

The Prime Minister's office stated, "U.S. President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and made it clear that the U.S. stands with Israel and fully supports its right to self-defense." Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked U.S. President Biden for always being there for Israel and made it clear that the country needs to fight a hard, long war that it will win.

In response to Hamas's terrible attack on Saturday morning, these two leaders have shown their support for each other. It was a terrible attack that killed many and hurt many more. This is why Mr. Netanyahu said Israel is now at war with Hamas.

There have been times when the president and prime minister didn't get along. It's even more true now that the president accepted a controversial prisoner swap with Iran that gave the country an extra $6 billion in oil money. This move upset the leader of Israel.

The White House Press Office reported that national security advisors are telling President Biden about the attack. So far, President Biden has not said anything directly about the attack. As the story goes on, stay tuned for more.


Written by Staff Reports

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