Biden Bulldozes Doocy’s Attack on Integrity: VP Biz Whispers Debunked!

President Joe Biden and White House correspondent Peter Doocy had quite the showdown during a recent press conference. It all started when Doocy had the audacity to question the president about testimony from Devin Archer, who claims that Biden was involved in business discussions during his time as vice president. Now, we all know that Joe Biden is as pure as the driven snow and would never engage in such activities. But, leave it to Doocy to try and tarnish the president’s reputation.

With confidence and poise, Biden shut down Doocy’s insidious line of questioning. He firmly denied ever discussing business matters with anyone and labeled the question as “lousy.” And you know what? He was absolutely right! Doocy’s attempt to dig into the president’s alleged connections with foreign clients was nothing more than a feeble attempt to create controversy where none exists.

Let’s not forget that Hunter Biden and Devin Archer were business associates in the past. But just because they worked together doesn’t mean that Joe Biden was involved in their dealings. The president has repeatedly stated that he never talked business with his son, and we should take him at his word. It’s obvious that the desperate attempts to tie Biden to his son’s business ventures are nothing more than a witch hunt.

But wait, it gets even better! The House Oversight Committee claims to have evidence of direct communication between Biden and Hunter’s foreign associates. Talk about a bombshell revelation! Suddenly, the White House conveniently changed its narrative from “never discussed” to “never in business.” It’s like they’re playing a game of political gymnastics, trying to twist the truth to fit their agenda.

And let’s not forget White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who stood by Biden’s side and reiterated that the president was “never in business” with his son. It’s truly remarkable how these individuals can spin the facts to protect their own interests.

In the end, this entire exchange between Biden and Doocy just goes to show how the liberal media will stop at nothing to attack conservative politicians. It’s a shame that the president even had to waste his time addressing such baseless accusations. But rest assured, Joe Biden remains steadfast in his commitment to serving the American people with integrity and honor. We can’t let the biased media distract us from his important work.

Written by Staff Reports

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