Abbott’s “Operation Lone Star” Shakes Dems: Protecting Borders or Cruel Tactics?

Republicans across the nation are applauding Governor Greg Abbott’s latest efforts to protect the Texas-Mexico border from the influx of illegal aliens. Meanwhile, liberals are in a state of frenzy, utterly distraught over Abbott’s innovative approach to securing the border. The Biden Administration’s “red carpet” policies have left our country vulnerable to crime and dangerous drugs, so it’s no wonder that Abbott is taking matters into his own hands.

Abbott’s plan, aptly named “Operation Lone Star,” involves the installation of floating buoys along the Rio Grande River. These buoys not only serve as a physical barrier but also act as a deterrent for those attempting to swim or navigate around them. Democrats, however, are up in arms over the governor’s 1,000-foot-long wall, complete with thick cables, concrete bases, and serrated metal blades. It seems they are more concerned about the inconvenience it causes for illegal migrants than the safety and security of our borders.

Amidst the liberal outcry, a conservation activist had the audacity to claim that Abbott’s floating barriers caused the deaths of two illegal immigrants. Yet, authorities quickly debunked these falsehoods, revealing that the individuals had drowned upriver and were tragically caught in the buoys after their demise. It’s astonishing to witness the lengths liberals will go to spin a tragic accident into an opportunity to attack a conservative leader.

Leading the charge against Abbott’s efforts is Democrat Representative Sylvia Garcia. In a Twitter tirade, she labeled the governor’s tactics as “cruel and inhumane,” demanding an immediate end to the floating barriers. Garcia and her liberal colleagues fail to acknowledge the real danger that illegal immigration poses to our communities. Their narrow focus on empathy for lawbreakers only perpetuates the problems that plague our nation.

Thankfully, Republicans have rallied around Governor Abbott, defending his actions and shedding light on the true purpose of the floating barriers. Contrary to the left’s outrageous claims, these measures are in place to prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border, not to intentionally harm them. It’s time for liberals to stop peddling their fearmongering and start prioritizing the safety and well-being of American citizens.

Abbott’s dedication to protecting our borders should be commended, not condemned. As conservatives, we support any efforts to uphold the law and safeguard our country. It’s time for Democrats to set aside their partisan agendas and work towards comprehensive immigration reform that puts the needs and security of American citizens first.

Written by Staff Reports

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