Biden Caught Red-Handed in Hunter’s Ukraine Scandal!

The Vice President, Joe Biden, is an lovable individual who enjoys receiving calls from Ukrainian energy company executives seeking his assistance in thwarting corruption investigations. Indeed, Joe is ours. What a coincidence that on the same day he received that call, he also approved talking points provided by his son's business partner! Hunter Biden's lucrative position as a member of the energy company's board of directors has attracted considerable media attention. This is the highest level of father-son intimacy!

Eric Schwerin, a business associate of Hunter Biden, sent the email in question to Kate Bedingfield, Biden's assistant. The email from Schwerin provided the Vice President with "quotes" to use when responding to media inquiries about his son's position at Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy company. And wouldn't you know it, Bedingfield responded later that same day affirming that "VP approved this." Oh, the potency of paternal affection!

However, that is not all. Four days later, Bedingfield provided quotes to The New York Times to defend Biden against a story that questioned his "credibility" in battling corruption in Ukraine, while his son was raking in the cash on Burisma's board. The definition of teamwork!

Hunter Biden called his father from Dubai and connected him with Mykola Zlochevsky, the chief executive officer of Burisma, on the same day as the email exchange. Why, you ask? Oh, it's nothing major; I'm just looking for a little assistance from dear old dad to evade a state corruption investigation. Simply a typical family telephone conversation.

All of this piques the interest of House legislators who are investigating allegations of presidential corruption. They believe it adds to the increasing evidence that Biden's vice presidential office was intertwined with his son's business transactions. Biden has stated that he was never involved in his son's business affairs, but these annoying emails seem to indicate otherwise.

James Comer, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, will not allow this to pass. He demands to see the unredacted email exchange between Schwerin and Bedingfield, as well as any other relevant records. And while he's at it, he's also asking for records involving Biden's brother, James Biden, who was presumably involved in some of these shady deals too. It seems to be a family affair!

Comer is unyielding in his demand for responses. He believes there is evidence of collusion in the efforts to manipulate media stories about Burisma's corruption during the time that Biden was publicly promoting an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine. What absurdity!

So, please remain vigilant. House investigators are delving deeply into Biden's family business, and they won't stop until they have the entire story. It has all the drama and intrigue you could want from a political soap opera. And believe me, this is only the start. It's going to be a roller coaster!

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