Biden Celebrates July 4 with Confusion Over Traffic and Identity Claims

President Biden apparently decided to celebrate the Fourth of July by giving Americans a hefty dose of confusion. During a series of bewildering interviews and public appearances, Biden managed to claim he was the first Black woman to serve with a Black president and insisted traffic congestion is no longer a problem. One almost wonders if this is all some elaborate prank on the American people.

Despite the administration’s desperate attempt to convince the public that the 81-year-old Biden is mentally sharp and ready for a second term, his latest verbal mishaps only add more fuel to the fire. As if last week’s disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump weren’t enough, Biden’s performance during an interview on Philadelphia’s WURD station was a masterpiece of mixed-up memories and oddball assertions.

While trying to talk about his time with former President Barack Obama and his pick of Kamala Harris as Vice President, Biden seemed to jumble the two. He proudly stated he was the first vice president, the first Black woman to serve alongside a Black president. A statement that’s not only incorrect but also leaves one wondering if Biden is even aware of who he is.

Biden’s baffling claims didn’t stop there. He reminisced about being the first president elected statewide in Delaware when he was a kid. He also compared the struggles of Black Americans post-Civil War to his run for presidency as a Catholic, citing anti-Catholic bias that plagued JFK decades ago. As if that weren’t enough, he offered an unsteady assurance to young girls struggling in school that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court seat would mean a lot to them.

During the official White House Fourth of July celebration, Biden greeted the crowd with a curious “Ho ho ho! Happy Independence Day,” before going on to claim that traffic congestion is no longer a problem. He described his fictitious experiences on the supposedly congestion-free highways like a children’s bedtime story. Apparently, someone needs to inform the millions stuck in daily traffic jams.

To round off his litany of oddities, he confused his bitter political rival, Donald Trump, with his “colleagues” while reminiscing about his trip to Normandy. Biden abruptly ended one of his rambling attacks on Trump with the declaration that he was “in and out of battle.” It’s unclear whether he had a flashback to earlier times or just got lost in his own speech.

For those worried about Biden’s mental fitness, this week’s series of speeches and interviews should lay those worries to rest—permanently. His ongoing display of verbal acrobatics clearly illustrates a glaring issue that even his most ardent supporters can’t ignore. America deserves stability and coherence, but instead, it’s being led down a rabbit hole of confusion and fantasy.

Written by Staff Reports

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