Biden Clan Caught Red-Handed in Greed-Fueled China Deal

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! The explosive truth about the Biden family’s shameless influence-peddling scheme has been unmasked! If we had a Department of Justice worth its salt, there would already be a full-blown investigation into their questionable activities. But, alas, it seems we’ll have to rely on independent and conservative media to unravel the corruption, while the mainstream press continues to muddle the issue with claims of Russian disinformation. Madness, isn’t it? The authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop has been confirmed, yet the media still insists on touting this so-called “Russian disinformation.”

Michael Shellenberger dropped a bombshell with revelations about another Biden crony, Jason Galanis, whose prison testimony corroborates the sordid details of this influence operation. Galanis, a convicted fraudster, spilled the beans on the Biden family’s grand prize and its menacing national security implications.

Hold on to your hats, folks, because in August 2023, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm clandestinely rendezvoused with Chinese officials to discuss releasing our precious petroleum reserves. It’s no secret that Beijing has long lusted after our oil and gas, and thanks to the damning evidence found on Hunter’s laptop, we now have a clearer picture of the Biden clan’s money-filtering shell companies in Romania. The Burisma connections, jaunts to Kazakhstan, and unsavory meetings with oligarchs – it’s all part of the Biden playbook. And Joe Biden himself was smack dab in the middle of at least 20 discussions with Hunter, showcasing the family’s “relationship capital” and leveraging his vice presidential status. It’s enough to make your blood boil!

Shellenberger dropped another bombshell, revealing that the Biden family’s main aim in this sordid affair was to hand America’s energy dominance to China. One of their devious strategies involved cozying up to CEFC for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) deal on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast. The audacity! And get this – they were careful not to implicate the then Vice President, Joe Biden, in their nefarious dealings. But, we’ve got the receipts! The infamous email chain where Hunter pledges a hefty chunk of the venture to “the big guy” – a.k.a Joe Biden himself. It’s as clear as day, folks!

Congressional sleuths have tracked a whopping $20 million in payments from foreign entities to the Biden family and their associates, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a miracle the whole operation didn’t implode before the 2020 elections when the New York Post first blew the lid off this scandal. China’s gift of an $80,000 diamond to Hunter serves as just another glaring example of their insatiable greed.

But wait, there’s more! Isn’t it rich that President Biden’s energy policy supposedly aims to restrict the very sector his family sought to profit from? Talk about hypocrisy! The Bidens were eyeing a lucrative payday from an expanded LNG production policy, all while Joe is now clamping down on it. Some speculate that John Podesta, the puppet master behind the scenes, might have had a hand in this flip-flop. It’s a classic case of trading influence for personal gain, and it should worry Americans across the political spectrum.

Let’s not forget the cozy relationship between other power-hungry politicos and the energy industry. Take former Governor Jerry Brown, for instance, who bent air pollution standards to benefit his family’s stake in Indonesian oil. The stench of political corruption wafts through the halls of power, and it’s time we cleared the air. The very foundations of our democracy are at stake here, and the Justice Department’s selective blindness to the Biden family’s transgressions is nothing short of scandalous.

In conclusion, the Bidens’ sordid saga of influence-peddling and manipulation spells trouble for our nation. It’s high time Americans from all walks of life demand accountability and transparency from our leaders. The Biden family’s unscrupulous dealings must not be swept under the rug any longer, and the relentless efforts to cover up these misdeeds by the FBI and Justice Department simply cannot be tolerated. It’s time to drain the swamp, once and for all!

Written by Staff Reports

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