Biden Faces Voter Doubt as Inflation Hits Minorities Hard

President Biden’s claims about the state of the economy are being met with skepticism, especially among younger voters and racial minorities. A recent survey conducted by Zogby Analytics revealed that many individuals, particularly those without a college education, are facing food insecurity due to soaring prices and inflation. The survey found that 14% of respondents had gone without food for at least one day in the past month.

Notably, the impact of inflation has been disproportionately felt within the Black and Hispanic communities, key constituencies that Biden is counting on for support. The survey indicated that African American and Hispanic voters, particularly those in younger age groups, rural areas, and without a college education, were more likely to experience food insecurity.

Jonathan Zogby, CEO of Zogby Analytics, warned that if inflation and food insecurity continue to worsen, it could potentially harm the president’s standing, particularly in swing states with significant minority populations. The potential for these challenges to erode Biden’s support among African American and Hispanic voters is a cause for concern as the next election approaches.

President Biden’s dismissive remarks about inflation and economic concerns, coupled with the failure to effectively address these issues, may result in serious consequences for his administration. If unchecked, the persistence of inflation and the resulting hardships faced by minority communities could lead to a decline in support for the president. It remains to be seen whether Biden will be able to reassure and retain the backing of African American and Hispanic voters, while also addressing the economic struggles they are facing.

Written by Staff Reports

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