Biden Impeachment: Dems’ ‘No Evidence’ Claim Debunked by Tsunami of Proof

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, the White House, Democrats, and their beloved media outlets are resorting to outright disinformation and false claims. They are shamelessly insisting that there is “no evidence” to support an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence uncovered by House Republicans. This just goes to show the lengths they will go to protect their own.

The left has clearly coordinated their messaging, with various media outlets, Democrats, and even the White House itself using phrases like “without evidence” and “no direct evidence” to describe the House GOP’s effort. But let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? These claims are nothing more than disinformation that can easily be disproven. The House Republicans have actually spent a considerable amount of time gathering evidence before proceeding to the next stage of the investigation with an impeachment inquiry.

Before we dive further into this, it’s important to note that an impeachment inquiry is not the same as considering articles of impeachment. It is simply an inquiry, an expanded and accelerated version of the ongoing investigations. It may or may not lead to an impeachment later on, but the end result is still unclear. So, while Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a public comment and issued a directive to the members of his conference and the committees involved, this does not rule out the possibility of a formal vote authorizing the inquiry down the road. This is exactly what House Democrats did when they impeached former President Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi made an announcement, and then five weeks later, the House voted on the authorization. The same could very well happen here.

Now, let’s talk about the evidence that House Republicans have already gathered against Biden. We’re not talking about mere speculation or conspiracy theories here. We’re talking about real evidence. We’re talking about photos, texts, videos, bank records, audio recordings, alleged bribes, whistleblower testimonies, and more. The House Oversight Committee unleashed a 20-point memo laying out the “Evidence of Joe Biden’s Involvement in His Family’s Influence Peddling Schemes.” Even a letter from Joe Biden himself to his son’s business partner has been made public. All of this is concrete evidence against the president.

But wait, there’s more! Testimony from an IRS special agent turned whistleblower and his handwritten notes, which were made public this week, add even more weight to the evidence. Yet, despite all of this, the Associated Press and other media outlets have fallen for the White House’s talking points and continue to spread this disinformation. Even Biden’s own defenders, like Rep. Adam Schiff and House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin, have joined in on the false claims.

It’s clear that the disinformation campaign is originating from the White House itself, as they have a vested interest in protecting President Biden. They have the audacity to claim that House Republicans have been investigating the president for 9 months and have found no evidence of wrongdoing. Well, let me remind you, there is a mountain of evidence that has been uncovered, and it cannot simply be dismissed.

Republicans, like Sen. J.D. Vance and Sen. Ted Cruz, have called out the media and Democrats for their repeated use of the false language. It’s time for the truth to prevail and for the American people to see the evidence for themselves. There are emails, bank records, text messages, a voicemail, on-the-record accounts, photos, visitor logs, and undeniable favors that Biden did for Hunter’s associates, all pointing to a clear influence peddling scheme. Even Hunter’s own business partner has admitted that the “brand” was Joe Biden.

It’s time for the left and their media allies to stop peddling their false narratives and start acknowledging the evidence before them. The American people deserve the truth, and it’s abundantly clear that there is no shortage of evidence against President Biden.

Written by Staff Reports

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