McCarthy Exposes AP Reporter’s Lies on Biden Inquiry: The Truth Unravels!

In a classic game of “he said, she said,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) shut down claims that the impeachment inquiry into President Biden lacks evidence. But, of course, the liberal media couldn’t resist spinning the narrative to fit their own agenda.

Farnoush Amiri, a typical congressional reporter for the Associated Press, conveniently ignored the mountain of evidence that has been amassed against Biden and his son. Instead, she parroted the talking points distributed by the Biden Administration, claiming that McCarthy launched the inquiry “without evidence.” It’s like she wants to turn a blind eye to the truth!

But let’s set the record straight. The House Republicans have been diligently investigating Biden and his son’s shady business dealings. Bank records, witness testimony, and thousands of emails written by the president himself under an alias have all been uncovered. The evidence is piling up, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Biden has been less than forthcoming about his involvement with his son’s ventures.

Kevin McCarthy wasn’t going to let Amiri off the hook that easily. During a press conference, he called her out for her blatant bias and lack of journalistic integrity. He posed a simple question: does she believe that Biden lied to the American public when he said he never discussed business with his son? Shockingly, she couldn’t give a straight answer. It’s almost as if she’s more interested in protecting the Biden Administration than uncovering the truth.

But McCarthy didn’t stop there. He went on to list numerous examples of evidence linking Biden to corrupt business dealings. From conference calls to conversations with foreign business associates, the tangled web of corruption continues to unravel. Yet, Amiri and the rest of the liberal media conveniently choose to ignore it.

It’s clear that the Democrats and their media mouthpieces will stop at nothing to protect Biden. They’ll brush off evidence, dodge straightforward questions, and push their own agenda. But we, the American people, deserve the truth. We deserve elected officials who are willing to hold those in power accountable. Thankfully, Republicans like McCarthy are stepping up to the plate, determined to uncover the truth and ensure justice is served.

Written by Staff Reports

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