Biden Interview Reveals Dangerous Disconnect in Policy and Reality

The recent interview of Joe Biden with Erin Burnett should raise serious concerns for American voters. In the interview, Biden made false claims about inflation rates, showing a lack of connection to reality. And while his habitual lying and senility are already worrying, there is something even more troubling at play.

Biden’s decision to withhold arms shipments to Israel if they take action against Hamas is nothing short of evil. By siding with a terrorist group over a long-time ally like Israel, Biden has shown where his priorities lie, and it’s not with the safety and security of the American people or our allies. This decision is not only morally bankrupt but also endangers lives.

Furthermore, Biden’s incoherent rambling about aiding Israel in targeting terrorists while preventing them from taking necessary action highlights his lack of leadership and clarity. His words lack substance and only serve to showcase his inability to make sound decisions in the best interest of the nation.

It is time for American voters to recognize the danger of allowing Biden to remain in office. This goes beyond political disagreements; this is about the character and integrity of our leadership. The actions coming from the White House are deeply concerning and should be a wake-up call for all voters.

It is crucial for the future of our country that we hold our leaders to account and demand better. Biden’s interview with Burnett should serve as a stark reminder of the importance of strong, principled leadership in guiding our nation forward.

Written by Staff Reports

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