Biden Stirs Mutiny in State Dept Over Pro-Israel Stance

President Biden’s unwavering support for Israel has caused quite a stir within his own administration. One State Department official, Josh Paul, recently made headlines by publicly resigning his post and penning a scathing resignation letter denouncing Biden’s pro-Israel policies. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

After serving for 11 long years in the Department’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Paul had finally had enough. In his LinkedIn post, he expressed his disillusionment with the administration’s decision to provide lethal arms to Israel. He claimed that the response to the Hamas terror attacks and the ongoing occupation would only bring more suffering to both Israelis and Palestinians. It seems like Paul is trying to play both sides of the aisle here, but let’s not forget that Israel has every right to defend itself from the monstrous acts of terror committed by Hamas.

Paul didn’t stop there. He went on a tirade, accusing Israel of everything from murder to ethnic cleansing. Seriously, Josh? Did you forget about the countless rockets fired by Hamas into Israeli cities? And let’s not ignore the fact that Israel has tried time and time again to make peace with the Palestinians, only to have their efforts rejected or met with more violence. It’s clear that Paul is just bitter and unable to see the bigger picture.

But Paul isn’t alone in his dissent. According to HuffPost, a “mutiny” is brewing within the State Department over the Biden administration’s support for Israel. Apparently, a “dissent cable” is being circulated to gather signatures from employees who oppose the administration’s stance. It looks like there’s a lot of “depressed and angry” folks at the State Department. Maybe they should take a step back and realize that Israel is a strong ally in a volatile region.

It’s no surprise that members of Congress are also expressing support for Paul’s resignation. It’s the classic case of the left trying to appease their base by turning their backs on a key ally. But where does that leave the United States? We need to stand by Israel, not abandon them in their time of need. It’s about time we have an administration that understands the importance of loyalty and steadfastness. Keep up the good fight, Joe!

Written by Staff Reports

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