Biden’s HHS Sec. DEMANDS Censorship In Favor Of Trans Agenda

Several Democratic officials, including members of the Biden Administration, have made statements about censorship on social media and tech companies. It's believed that Dr. Rachelle Levine, who is the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, has been calling for such censorship for some time. Levine's call for censorship was made in a video that she released on May 30.

According to a report by Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times, the video presentation that Levine made during her speech was about 40 minutes long.

It's troubling that a government official would call for censorship while maintaining that it's merely health misinformation. The content of Levine's call for censorship is also worrying.

In the video, Levine stated that medical professionals should address the issue of health misinformation, which she claims is affecting the health equity of the country. She also claims that there is substantial proof of this, such as how COVID-19 has been linked to significant health disparities among certain sexual and gender minority groups.

"According to Levine, there is also a lot of misinformation about the care that transgender individuals receive. She also noted that there are numerous anti-LGBTQI+ actions being carried out in the country, which are threatening the public health."

Gender-affirming care refers to procedures that involve either sterilization or gender mutilation, and these are often performed on minors.

It's also troubling that there are people who are going through a detente process after having transitioned, and some of them regret their actions. Levine's claim that the positive value of such procedures is not in dispute is not entirely accurate.

It's also troubling that many children who are experiencing distress due to their gender dysphoria are being influenced by adults who have an agenda.

Levine acknowledges that calling for censorship on tech companies is effective, and she encourages other clinicians to do the same.

"In her speech, Levine stated that clinicians should voice their concerns about the information environment, and she encourages them to work with tech companies to improve it. She also noted that the medical community can play a vital role in maintaining public trust."

In addition, the Biden administration lost trust in Levine's statements about COVID-19, as Wirth challenged her claims. According to Mia, she fact-checked the claims made by Ashish Jha, the White House's response coordinator for COVID-19. Jha claimed that they could prevent almost every death caused by the virus by only getting vaccinated.

Some of the responses to the video shared by conservative accounts on Twitchy included concerns about Big Brother and Levine's biological sex.

The Biden administration has been promoting the transgender agenda, and Levine's statements are an example of this.

"Rachel Levine" has been trending on Twitter as a result of the recently unearthed video.

Several conservative social media platforms have been censored and suspended for reporting the truth about Levine's background. This included accounts belonging to Jim Banks and the Babylon Bee.

The Babylon Bee was the reason why Elon Musk acquired Twitter.

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