Michelle Obama Drops a BOMBSHELL About Her Marriage to Barack

Americans already have a hard time dealing with marriage. Adding a public microscope to the mix will only make matters worse.

It still seems like a few eyebrows have been raised by Michelle Obama's statement about her marriage to former president Barack Obama.

In December, Michelle Obama sat down with Revolt, which is a music-focused network founded by Sean "Diddy" Combs. While promoting her new book, she opened up about her marriage to the former president.

The interview, which was moderated by Kelly Rowland and H.E. R., covered various topics. Details about Barack and Michelle's marriage were also included.

During the interview, the former first lady talked about the importance of maintaining a strong and lasting relationship. She also noted that many young couples fail to talk about the work involved in building a relationship.

According to Michelle Obama, married people tend to be too quick to get divorced when their marriage gets tough.

When asked about her marriage, she gave a curious example of her virtue by talking about her not insignificant period with her husband.

She also stated that she couldn't stand her husband for a decade.

Being angry at your husband for several minutes is certainly healthy, but letting an issue fester for a decade is certainly not. The combination of these two issues, which resulted in her inability to stand her husband, is not good parenting or admirable.

The issues that led to the long-running rift between Barack and Michelle were mainly related to their parenting. Ten years is a significant amount of time in a marriage. It can affect the relationship's smaller and less significant parts. However, it's also possible that Michelle Obama couldn't stand Barack for a significant portion of their marriage.

According to Fox News, the net worth of Barack and Michelle Obama has reportedly reached over $70 million. The two first met in 1989.

Although Michelle Obama has denied that she has any interest in running for president in 2024 or 2028, it's still a long time away.

It's still not clear if Barack Obama will be able to "stand" as the "first husband" someday.

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