BUSTED! Forgetful Joe Needs Cheat Sheet to Remember Where He is…

Joe Biden was BUSTED once again with a “cheat sheet” from his handlers on how to sit and smile for photos while attending the G20 Summit in Indonesia.

A close-up image of the note shows him with a list that says “You will sit at the center” and “You will deliver opening remarks.”

The memo, which was written in red letters, provided Biden with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the meeting. It also referred to the president as “YOU”.

Biden, who is 79 years old, was among the leaders who attended the two-day summit that began in Bali, Indonesia. In his notes, he was also instructed to take photos with other world leaders before sitting down.

Biden has been caught using the cheat sheet multiple times, such as during a meeting with executives from the wind industry in June. His exposure has led to concerns about his health and well-being.

The President’s habit of relying on cue cards has led to speculations that he might be experiencing a cognitive decline.

About to turn 80 this Sunday, Biden noted that it’s legitimate for voters to question if he’s fit to serve as the next president. He urged people to assess his mental and physical health before making a decision regarding his future in office.

He noted that it’s important for voters to watch him carefully. The fact that he was required to carry out detailed instructions on how to conduct a meeting could be an indication that he’s experiencing a cognitive decline.

Written by Staff Reports

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