Cohen’s Legal Fiasco: Bluffs With Fake Citations, Jeopardizes Trump Case Credibility!

Former Donald Trump associate Michael Cohen continues to make headlines, this time for admitting to providing his lawyer with fake legal citations in an effort to end his supervised release. In a shocking turn of events, Cohen and his legal team confessed to Manhattan federal judge Jesse Furman that Cohen had fed attorney David Schwartz with false citations, which were created by the artificial intelligence service Google Bard, to support his bid to wrap up his court supervision.

The audacity of Cohen’s actions is apparent in his seven-page declaration, where he claims ignorance of Google Bard’s capabilities as a generative text service. His excuse? He thought it was just a super-charged search engine. 

Cohen’s attorney, Danya Perry, tried to shift the blame onto Schwartz, arguing that Cohen had no ethical duty to verify the accuracy of his own research. It’s a classic case of passing the buck, and it’s clear that Cohen’s camp is desperate to avoid taking responsibility for their deceitful actions.

This revelation could have far-reaching consequences, as it casts doubt on Cohen’s credibility as a witness in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s criminal business fraud case against former President Trump. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as Cohen’s own shady actions could jeopardize his involvement in the case against Trump.


Written by Staff Reports

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