Cruz Warns: Dems Plan to ‘Air-Drop’ Michelle Obama for 2024 Power Grab!

In a recent podcast episode, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) speculated that former First Lady Michelle Obama might be “parachuted” in to replace President Joe Biden before the 2024 election. Cruz argued that Biden’s sagging poll numbers, concerns about his mental state, and ongoing corruption scandals involving his son Hunter could lead the Democratic Party to seek an alternative nominee. He also suggested that the media’s growing criticism of Biden could be a sign that Democrats are considering a change.

Cruz theorized that, if Biden’s mental state worsens and Democrats become increasingly worried, the Democratic National Convention in August could be an opportunity to bring in Michelle Obama as a replacement. As a former First Lady and highly popular figure, Cruz argued that Obama could unite the party and appeal to critical voting blocs, such as African American women. He called it a potential “saving the day” moment for the Obamas.

Additionally, Cruz expressed his belief that Barack Obama is already running the Biden administration as a “puppet master.” He suggested that the media turning on Biden could be a signal that Michelle Obama is being considered as a replacement. Cruz warned that this scenario should concern those who are unhappy with the country’s direction and don’t want it to go “even crazier, in an even worse direction.”

Overall, Cruz’s speculation about Michelle Obama being parachuted in to replace Biden shows his concern about the current state of the Democratic Party and his belief in the influence of the Obama family. He argues that this scenario could be the only way to avoid a potential civil war within the party.

Written by Staff Reports

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