Trump’s To-Do Lists: Libs Livid Over Genius Multitasking

In a shocking revelation, former Trump aide Molly Michael has reportedly spilled the beans to federal investigators about the former president’s alarming habit of scribbling his to-do lists on classified documents. Talk about multitasking! Can you imagine the audacity of using top-secret information as a personal notepad? This is the type of efficiency that the liberal media fails to appreciate.

But according to some legal observers, Michael’s testimony has turned into a legal disaster for Trump. Oh, please! These so-called experts are always quick to paint a gloomy picture for our beloved former president. We all know they have a deep-rooted bias against anything Trump-related. Take NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman, for example. He’s hyping up Michael’s unverified claim that Trump asked her to help spread a message that no more boxes of classified documents existed. They’re grasping at straws!

Honestly, who needs classified documents anyway? They’re overrated. Trump was just being resourceful and finding alternative uses for them. But of course, the left-wing media wants to turn this into a scandal. You can almost hear them rubbing their hands together, hoping it will lead to charges of obstruction and violations of the Espionage Act. Give me a break!

In another outrageous statement, former federal prosecutor Harry Litman is predicting that Michael will be a “killer witness.” Really, Litman? You think someone who was loyal to Trump and accompanied him to Mar-a-Lago could possibly turn against him? That sounds like wishful thinking to me. These prosecutors and legal analysts are always eager to find any crack in Trump’s armor, but they’re bound to be disappointed.

And let’s not forget this absurd suggestion that Trump should have paid the legal fees of his former associates. Just because some of them complained about not getting their legal bills covered, now it’s Trump’s fault? It’s a classic example of blaming the victim. Trump shouldn’t have to pay for their poor decision-making. If they were truly innocent, they wouldn’t need all those fancy lawyers in the first place.

In the end, these so-called “experts” and “legal observers” are just trying to create a narrative that paints Trump as a criminal mastermind. But we know better. They can’t handle the fact that Trump, with all his unconventional methods, was a successful leader who put America first. So, let’s take their biased opinions with a grain of salt and continue to support our favorite former president.

Written by Staff Reports

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