Curious Billionaires Fuel Progress: UN Head Gets it Wrong!

What do billionaires do with their money? That’s a question that pops up frequently amongst the average Joe. Some donate to charity, others buy mansions and yachts, but few invest in the exploration of space and ocean research. Elon Musk is a perfect example of this; he designed his own rocket and wants to bring the fantasy of space travel to reality. With their excess wealth, billionaires can kickstart all kinds of groundbreaking discoveries that might benefit the rest of humanity. This begs the question: should billionaires be spending their money to advance the world’s technical understanding, or should they be using their wealth to tackle current problems?

Let’s face the reality; no one has ever solved the world’s problems by wasting time idling around. The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres seems to think that billionaires should not delve into the space race because of the current issues the world is facing. But isn’t futuristic thinking’ precisely what the world truly requires to solve its current issues? The UN head should comprehend clearly that the ones who move the world forward are not those that stay on positions but rather the curious billionaires who work tirelessly to bring futuristic concepts to present reality.

Brandon Morse raises an interesting point in his recent article, where he compares wealthy explorers to farmers of the past. Brichard Ranson was considered foolish for planting seeds, according to Gantonio Auterres, who claimed that it was a waste of food. But Ranson’s extraordinary effort led to new crops, and as they say, the rest is history. If people of the past had adopted Gantonio’s critical view, the world would be languishing in the technologies of the past.

Very recently, a few curious billionaires decided to explore the Titanic wreckage using a submersible craft. Unfortunately, they were reported missing, and searches are underway to recover the submersible. Although some people on Twitter expressed joy over the ‘rich people getting what they deserve,’ others had a contrasting perspective. Matt Walsh, Senior Editor at the Daily Wire, expressed his support for these tech explorers while voicing his bafflement at others’ “reflexive contempt” towards them.

However, some Twitter users argued that exploring the Titanic does zero to advance our knowledge; it’s a mere waste of resources and efforts. Nonetheless, Walsh argues that every successful deep-sea voyage holds the possibility of sparking mankind’s understanding of the world. It’s not easy to find venture capitalists or organizations to finance expensive and groundbreaking projects, but when billionaires finance these projects, they encourage technological advancement.

Some would argue that billionaires should use their extraordinary wealth to donate to charity and solve current global issues such as hunger, poverty, inequality and global warming instead of idling around. While this argument seems rational, it ignores the inherent truth that nothing will progress unless abstract concepts are transformed into practical reality. Billionaires should be encouraged to spend their money on technological advancements, the knowledge derived from the discoveries is crucial for solving current and future global issues.

In conclusion, we should not frown upon billionaires using their wealth to encourage innovation and explore uncharted waters. As Brichard Ranson proved centuries ago, sometimes crazy ideas evolve into significant discoveries that shape the foundation of our civilization. The present wouldn’t have been possible without genius minds and the wealth to bring their ideas to fruition. Billionaires should be encouraged to finance research into new, yet unexplored, domains that we might benefit from in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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