Dan Rather’s Fake News Frenzy: Targets Trump, Spares Biden!

Former CBS anchor Dan Rather, known for peddling “fake news,” is at it again, this time demanding that the media unleash a barrage of attacks on former President Donald Trump while giving Democrats a free pass.

Rather, who has a long history of pushing a liberal agenda, took to the internet to spew his biased opinions. In a fiery online rant, he conveniently forgot to mention any Democrats, ignoring the countless inaccuracies and falsehoods spouted by President Joe Biden.

The ex-journalist’s latest diatribe calls for reporters to immediately fact-check any claims made by Republicans, while turning a blind eye to any similar transgressions by Democrats. It’s clear that Rather has a double standard when it comes to truthfulness in politics.

Rather’s call for prioritizing live fact-checking seems more like a ploy to further the liberal narrative and discredit conservative voices. This “fact-checking” crusade he’s on conveniently aligns with the typical liberal media bias of targeting Republicans while giving Democrats a free pass.

It’s no surprise that Rather is leading the charge to abandon balanced reporting in favor of one-sided attacks. This is the same individual who was embroiled in a major scandal himself, involving a report that falsely questioned former President George W. Bush’s military service. So, it seems like Rather himself could use a refresher on impartial and accurate reporting.

The fact that Rather conveniently overlooks his own past mistakes while trying to dictate how the media should operate speaks volumes about his own lack of credibility. It’s classic liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Rather should take a good look in the mirror before casting stones at others.

Written by Staff Reports

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