Democrat Dianne Feinstein Defies Party, REFUSES To Resign

After months-long absence from the Senate, the senior senator from California, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has made it crystal clear that she is not resigning. Not only that, but in a statement released on Thursday night, Feinstein has also contradicted the Democratic Party’s narrative on confirming Biden’s judicial nominees. From the beginning, Feinstein’s statement was a clear-cut measure of shutting down the hysteria of her fellow Democrats and the mainstream media. In her statement, Feinstein affirms that there has been no slowdown in the process, and she is not alone in this belief as her Republican colleagues, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senator Ted Cruz, have also voiced similar opinions.

Feinstein’s disappointment with the Republican Party, as they have blocked some nominations in the Senate Judiciary Committee, is understandable. However, what comes next demonstrates her unwavering commitment to her duties and constitutional obligations as a US senator from California. In her statement, Feinstein says that she is confident about returning to the Senate soon, and together with her colleagues, they will ensure that the remaining qualified nominees are taken to the Senate floor for a vote. The choice of the word “when” rather than “if” is critical, indicating her full commitment to fulfilling her judicial duty.

The fact that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has no further specifics to offer proves the uncertainty among Democrats and demonstrates that they have lost their confidence entirely. In comparison, Feinstein’s statement includes factual numbers, including eight judicial nominees’ advancement in her absence, and seven federal judicial nominees’ confirmation, including Judge Wesley Hsu in California’s Central District.

Feinstein’s statement is not just an affirmation that the Democrats’ narratives are untrue, but it’s a fact-check on five claims to do with how judicial nominees have been impacted by her absence. Democrats maintain their majority in the Senate, even without Feinstein’s presence, since they grew their majority after the 2022 midterms, replacing a retiring Pat Toomey with Democrat John Fetterman. The statement also reminds readers that Democrats were able to confirm 97 judges during the last Congress, while the Senate was split 50-50 between the two parties.

Claims about “a large backlog of nominees who are unable to advance out of the Senate Judiciary Committee due to Senator Feinstein’s absence” are false, as only four district or circuit court nominees are currently eligible for a vote in the committee. Additionally, Feinstein’s absence does not prevent the committee from holding a hearing on any nominees.

Moreover, claims that the Senate is not moving judicial nominees quickly enough point out that “If the Senate did nothing but confirm judicial nominees, it would likely take at least three weeks of floor-time to confirm all of the judicial nominees currently pending on the floor.” Therefore, the claim that Feinstein’s absence is hampering the Senate’s work is utterly baseless.

Ro Khanna, a fellow Democrat from California, has been calling for Feinstein’s resignation, but now that the senator has clarifed that she’s not resigning, Khanna and other members must focus their energies elsewhere. Feinsten has been absent due to complications arising from shingles, and this fact must be taken into account when discussing her absence. In conclusion, Feinstein’s statement has shut down the hysterical and false narratives from the Democrats and the mainstream media. Her fact-based statement provides clarity on the state of judicial nominations, and her commitment to her duty as a senator from California is commendable.

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