Democrat Senator Swimming in Flush of Fox Execs Cash!

Fox News has been showing their love for Democratic Senator Joe Manchin by donating big bucks to his campaign. Manchin, who often pops up on Fox News to criticize his fellow Democrats, must have really struck a chord with the network’s top dogs, because they’ve been opening up their checkbooks for him.

Financial disclosure records reveal a significant shift in Fox’s support for Manchin. Between April and June, he raked in tens of thousands of dollars in donations from Fox executives and lawyers. This is a big change from 2018, when the senator hadn’t received any money from Fox employees.

The donations came from all levels of the Fox hierarchy. Jack Abernethy, head of Fox Television Stations, chipped in $3,300, while Stephen Brown, another Fox TV executive, matched that amount. Even Michael Mulvihill, who deals with insights and analytics at Fox Sports, got in on the action with a $1,500 donation.

It’s not just the executives who were feeling generous. Fernando Szew, the chief of Fox Entertainment Global, gave $1,000, and Adrian Farley, Fox’s digital policy and strategy lead, really opened his wallet with a whopping $6,600 donation. Jamie Gillespie, the government relations honcho at Fox Corporation, followed suit by matching Farley’s impressive contribution.

But it’s not just individual executives giving their own money. A group of lawyers from Fox Corporation also pooled their resources, together donating $11,350 to Manchin’s campaign. And Fox Corporation’s political committee added to the pile with a total donation of $8,500.

Now, let’s talk about what this all means. It’s no secret that Fox News has a conservative slant, so for them to be pouring money into the campaign of a Democrat like Manchin is a big deal. It shows that they see something in him that they like, even though he’s often butting heads with his own party over things like the federal deficit.

Manchin’s recent rise in the ranks of Fox’s favorite politicians comes at a time when he’s considering leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an independent. While he insists that his concerns are with the Democrats in Washington and not the ones in his home state, this potential move could have major repercussions for the balance of power in the Senate.

With the Democrats holding a slim majority, Manchin’s votes have often been critical in deciding the outcome of key legislative battles. So if he jumps ship, the Democrats could find themselves even more outnumbered than they already are. And that’s not good news for anyone who leans to the left.

But don’t worry, conservative friends. As much as it might seem like Manchin is turning his back on the Democrats, he’s also making it clear that he’s not about to become a cheerleader for the Republicans. He wants to be an independent voice, speaking out for the good things both parties do.

Now, some might see this as a wishy-washy move, but as a conservative, I see it as a refreshing break from the partisan bickering we so often see in Washington. Manchin is willing to work with both sides, finding common ground and getting things done. And that’s the kind of politician we need more of in this country.

So let’s keep an eye on Manchin and see if he does follow through on his potential switch to independent status. It could shake things up in a big way, and it’s definitely a story worth watching.

Written by Staff Reports

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