Dems Shiver as Harris, Clyburn Hustle Biden onto SC Ballot!

Vice President Kamala Harris is hittin’ the road and headin’ to South Carolina, y’all! She’s teaming up with Rep. Jim Clyburn to file all them important paperwork so President Joe Biden can be on the Democratic presidential primary ballot in the state. Now let’s not forget, South Carolina played a mighty big role in savin’ Biden’s campaign durin’ the 2020 primary. That’s when he wasn’t doin’ so hot in them other early states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Thank the heavens for Clyburn’s endorsement and all them black voters who came out in support of Biden! They really turned the tides for him.

The White House says Harris and Clyburn will get that paperwork sorted out right after 10 a.m. They sure ain’t wastin’ no time, are they? That Biden campaign spokesman fella, Michael Tyler, he’s real grateful for them South Carolina Democrats. He says they’re the backbone of the Democratic Party and they’re the ones who helped Biden become the nominee and finally move his way into the White House. Now, that’s some high praise right there.

But hold on to your hats, folks! This whole South Carolina thing ain’t goin’ exactly how Biden planned. See, because he went and elevated South Carolina all up in the Democratic nominating calendar, it’s stirred up some trouble. That trouble comes in the form of another candidate! Rep. Dean Phillips from good ol’ Minnesota decided to throw his hat in the ring just days after Biden said he wouldn’t be botherin’ with the New Hampshire primary. I guess Phillips don’t like bein’ ignored?

And here’s the real kicker, y’all. Despite Biden and them folks over at the Democratic National Committee tryin’ to change up the primary calendar, them folks over in New Hampshire ain’t havin’ it. They got themselves a law that says they gotta have the first presidential primary in the nation, and they ain’t about to back down. That Secretary of State fella, David Scanlan, he done said they ain’t followin’ the DNC’s schedule. Holy moly. This could turn into one big mess, couldn’t it?

Now, if Phillips or any of them other 20 candidates on the primary ballot manage to make a big splash, that could really hurt Biden’s chances. Even if they don’t win any delegates at the Democratic National Convention, a strong showin’ could shake things up and make folks think twice about stickin’ with Biden. Looks like the road to re-election might have a few unexpected twists and turns, my friends. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Written by Staff Reports

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